As a multilingual presentation coach, I work with high-level professionals in companies and foundations, as well as self-employed professionals and individuals seeking coaching outside their organization.

I offer one-on-one and group programs, depending on the need and skill level of the participants.

Types of Coaching: (Customized combinations are available)
  • Delivering Efficient, Charismatic Presentations
  • Developing Executive Presence (Communication - Image - Gravitas)
  • Preparing for Job Interviews (as interviewer or interviewee)
Duration of Programs:
  • Intensive 4-hour session to prepare for a specific event (presentations, talks, job interviews). It can be done in one session with a short break; in two 2-hour sessions or four 1-hour sessions.
  • 3-month focused coaching program
  • Ongoing 12-month coaching (for approved clients)
  • Year-long mastermind groups

The 3 to 12 month programs can be customized to prepare for a specific situation/presentation/talk; or work with multiple leadership skills: develop executive presence, learn the art of delivering great presentations in general with all the skills related, including production and rehearsal for interviews, media engagements and others. These programs include personal assignments and in-person or live online meetings with me.

These are not right for everyone. They are personalized offerings and are priced accordingly. If you'd like to explore low-cost resources, please check out my online courses, or sign up for our mailing list to receive free tips I share about all the subjects I teach.

Schedule a call or email me to discuss details and receive a customized proposal.