Liza Andrews is a multilingual presentation coach for executives serving the globe. She has a BA in business and more than 20 years of experience in corporate, hiring and training professionals. Liza’s education and experience involve human resources, psychology and photography, and she is the creator of the PictureCure® Methods. Her differentiator is that she used her experience in different professional fields to study and interview hundreds of individuals to created a method that helps professionals prepare and deliver confident, charismatic presentations in person or online. Liza’s method contemplates the science and research behind executive presence and public speaking, including the psychological aspects that make people feel shy and self-conscious and the tools to overcome both. She is a member of the Women's Media Group in NYC and an instructor for Continuous Education at the 92Y. Liza teaches her signature methods in Europe, South America and the US; in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She was featured on Globo TV and Bold TV as an industry expert.

Volunteer Work: Liza offers pro bono inspirational speeches to cancer survivors and those suffering from depression. Please contact us to request an interview/invitation.