Delivering a marvelous presentation does not require genius, years of experience or any specific type of looks. It's about inner confidence and peace that can be transmitted to your audience, so they can really listen to your ideas and connect with you. 

These days, like it or not, we are all on stage. Whether literally making high-stake presentations to your boss and clients, or being on Zoom for several hours of meetings, we frequently have to step up and make a presentation, and that can be intimidating for a lot of reasons. I should know. I'm Liza Andrews. I've worked as a headhunter, HR executive and professional photographer. I combine all these skills as a global presentation coach to work with clients in three different languages and help them feel comfortable putting themselves and their ideas out there. Some people have stage fright, and that's a normal human fear; some just don't feel comfortable with themselves in terms of how they look or how they project their presence. We help you close that gap, find your authentic voice and amplify it. Shyness and nervousness will be reduced and ultimately, eliminated, once you advance in our program with the goal of trusting that your appearance and delivery are coming across the exact way you intend to when you present. With the structure of a solid methodology and friendly, expert guidance, you will master each ingredient that makes your “on-stage act” shine as we help you feel comfortable with yourself, so you can gain confidence and make the best case possible. Every time!

If you'd like to level up your ability to present and improve your communication skills, let's talk.


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What They're Saying


Very unique and effective.

Cristhiane Vieira - Accent Coach at American Ways NYC - English for Brazilians

My name is Cristhiane Vieira, and I am the CEO of American Ways and Brazil Ahead, two language institutes based in Manhattan. I highly recommend PictureCure, directed by business consultant and photographer, Liza Andrews. Their differential is that Andrews created a method of self-improvement, combining formal business and branding coaching with stimulating new tools - photography and body language exercises. I would have never imagined how cameras could help in this field! Very unique and effective. Andrews expertly pubs people at ease and guides them to achieve professional goals by improving their self-image and empowering their own "brand." My staff loved the experience, which was goal-oriented and effective, but less stiff than regular coaching programs.


Every actor should take this workshop!

Paul Moon - The New York Times | Screenwriter/Ghostwriter | Small Business Owner

I really enjoyed my experience with PictureCure. Liza taught me what faces make me look best in pictures. After some time practicing it, I feel like it's in muscle memory now and I can pull them off whenever a camera is in front of me. I feel much more confident in having my picture taken and knowing exactly what I'll look like and how I'll want to look in the picture. Thanks, Liza! Every actor should take this workshop!


Liza is insightful, patient and oh so talented at her craft.

Susan Brady - Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership; CEO, Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Liza is insightful, patient and oh so talented at her craft. I was a reluctant subject when she was hired to capture me for my last book cover. By the end of the photo shoot, not only did I look happier and more relaxed I felt more at ease and more beautiful inside myself too. I credit Liza with what turned out to be a photo of myself that I actually love!


A true artist and professional.

Gail L. Freeman - President & Founder, Freeman Philanthropic Services, LLC

Liza has the ability to connect the lens of the camera to the subject. She is creative and captures the essence of the individual. Her ability to relax the individual is superior. The results are photos that are magnificent and reflect the intrinsic nature of the person. A true artist and professional.


I highly recommend Liza!

Donya Dickerson - Associate Publisher, Business Group, McGraw-Hill

To say that Liza takes amazing photos wouldn't even begin to describe what it's like to work with her. It's a full experience. I had not really had my photo taken professionally and being a mom of 2 don't have much time for self-care, but she made me instantly feel comfortable and I felt that I could really be myself and allow my personality to come out in the photos through her coaching. And now I have so many amazing photos that I feel so good about. I highly recommend Liza!


Liza Andrews taught me how to be photogenic for life!

Brian Moscovitz - Chief Operations Officer at UHS of Windmoor Healthcare

I've had my pictures taken professionally before, but never was the experience so energetic or helpful to my image. Liza Andrews taught me how to be photogenic for life! I highly recommend Liza to anyone who desires results.

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